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How We Teach

Sabio Academy uses three modes of e-Learning  (한국어판)

1.      Live Class  Live Class Sample 1     Live Class Sample 2

This is a live broadcast of actual classroom teaching.  Those who cannot come to the class can attend it from home or anywhere in the world with a high speed Internet connection.  Those who attend the class remotely will view the same whiteboard, listen to the same lecture, and be free to ask the same questions as in-class students.

Our Live Class e-Learning is different from the conventional e-Learning in that we do not run Internet TV style lectures, i.e., we do not broadcast the teacher's video.  Instead, we broadcast the whiteboard at the highest quality and make it  fully interactive; off-site students will be required to solve problems on the whiteboard in competition with the in-class classmates.
All of Sabio’s Live Classes are recorded and uploaded to the Internet.  Students who miss the class can replay the entire class and catch up with their classmates.  Recording classes is primarily intended for those who miss the class.  They will not only learn precisely what was taught in that particular class but also catch up with the social experiences that build among classmates because it records all the social interactions and inside jokes as well.
You can view our currently offered Live Class courses here.  Please click "Weekly" view so that you can see all the courses we are offering this week.
If concentrated learning is the main goal, students should learn with iSabio’s non live recorded lectures described below.
2.      iSabio’s e-Learning Lectures  iSabio e-Learning Lectures Sample

These are lectures recorded without audience interaction in a professional studio.  These lectures employ extensive animation and other graphics to enhance the understanding.  Each lecture is broken into 2 to 5 minute modules and is presented following the textbook's sequence.  This organization facilitates both sequential, thorough learning and quick review of specific concepts.  iSabio e-Learning Lectures are available 24/7.  This is an ideal way for busy students learning at their own pace.  This is also popular with bright students because they do not have to wait for their classmates to catch up with them.  Every iSabio course has an open (free) chapter for your evaluation.  Please take a look.

3.      NextMath Quizzes

These are timed mathematical quizzes.  The performance is measured by counting how many problems students can solve (without mistakes) in 60 seconds.  This high-pressure quiz forces the students to master the concept because any uncertainties are amplified under the time pressure.  These quizzes not only make the students think faster, but also force them to find the patterns inherent in each type of problem.  The quizzes cover topics from basic operations to trigonometry.  NextMath Quiz Sample
In order to have an effective e-Learning experience, you need to be equipped with the right tools.  Please click on "Requirement" button on the left to view the list.
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