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How We Teach

WebEx Audio and Recording

Students, take 4 minutes to view the video below before joining the class


Starting January 7th 2011, we will use only WebEx Audio instead of Skype.  Until then you may see mix of Skype and WebEx audio depending on your teacher.  Please be prepared to switch to WebEx Audio at any time by viewing the 4-minute video below.

Using WebEx Audio is easy.  You need to do only two things.

  1. Accept the audio invitation
  2. Verify that your teacher is recording.  Yell, if he/she isn't.

When ready, join the class http://isabio.webex.com 


We will use WebEx Audio and Recording exclusively starting January 7th, 2011.

Please take the training you see when you log into SabioAcademy.com.  Then start the class. http://isabio.webex.com 

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