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We recommend you purchase all three books (the third one is answer key).  Our Pre-Algebra e-Learning is based on this textbook.

 Textbook  Practice Workbook  Notetaking Guide

Pre-Algebra Answer Key

Workbook Answers
Algebra 1
These two books are different editions of the same content.  Their prices change over time.  Check the price and buy the cheaper one.
For high level Algebra 1 book, please see "Introduction to Algebra" on our math competion books page.
Algebra 2
(To be used with iSabio e-Learning)
For high level Algebra 2 book, please "Intermediate Algebra" on our math competion books page.
Calculus A, B, C
Geometry Honors (with Proof)

Geometry with no or little proof

For high level Geometry book, please "Introduction to Geometry" on our math competion books page.
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