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Do you like this Demo?  Now you can own one and perform your own brain wave research

For the first time in history, a high school student and own and run an EEG data acquisition machine for the price of a game set.  This is a defining moment in history of neuroscience and science in general.  And just as other past defining moments, no one is noticing it.  Sabio students should be wise enough to understand the significance of this moment, and proceed to take a full advantage of it by being in the front. Just imagine, playing with this device and discovering something, anything new about your own brain is considered a great activity by college admissions officers because it is.


In order to run the demo you saw on the video above, you just need the basic headset for $300. 


But if you want to see your brainwave as shown in the video below (this scene), and do research, create a painting with your thoughts (this scene) you will need to get an Individual Research Edition for $750. (Choose "Individuals" for Type and "Research" for Edition in the menu you will see after clicking the "BUY NOW" button on the left.   The price includes the headset.


You can learn how to store, read, analyze, visualize the EEG data by taking our SR course sequence.  SR 100, SR 110, SR 205 sequence will prepare you to do all of it.


There will be future courses specifically teaching students to acquires and analyze data from Emotiv headset.  To be notified by email when the course becomes available, please enter your email address and make sure to select "Science Research" in this form.


Sabio Academy also offers Internship at a neurology research lab for those who have finished the SR sequence above.  This is a research internship offered only to the students who can participate in research as an active contributor.  Those who make significant contributions has a chance of becoming one of the authors of a research paper; the highest activity record a high school student can have to apply to MIT.

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