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How to use TI-89 for your AP Calculus Tests

  1. First, you will need an actual calculator.  You can buy one by clicking on the picture on the right. 
  2. You must perform each step on your calculator.  If you just watch this, you are wasting your time since you won't remember much.


Free e-Learning for TI-89 for the SAT Math and AP Calculus 

Module 1
: You need to set the mode of your calculator first.  Page 17.  e-Learning.

Module 2: There are many functions that are not on the keyboard.  You need to use "Catalog" to find those functions.  Page 22.  e-Learning. (this link is now fixed to the right one)

Module 3: How to assign and delete symbolic variables. Page 235 e-Learning.

Module 4: Graphing functions.  Page 87.  e-Learning

Module 5: Finding intersections.  Page 88 e-Learning

Module 6: Finding zeros.  Page 333 e-Learning

Module 7: Finding Max and Min.  Page 333 e-Learning

Module 8: Solve equations Page 78  e-Learning

Module 16: Function Definition e-Learning

Module 17: Solve Function e-Learning

Module 18: Maximum of Function e-Learning

Module 19: Factor e-Learning

Module 20: Imaginary numbers e-Learning

Module 21: System of Equations Page 261 e-Learning

Module 22: Σ Summation  Page 908 e-Learning


TI-89 For AP Calculus Only


Module 9: Derivatives Page 79  e-Learning

Module 10: Integral Page 80  e-Learning

Module 11: Differential equation graphing  General Page 80  e-Learning

Module 12: Differential equation graphing  Particular Page 80  e-Learning

Module 13: Limits goes to zero Page 268  e-Learning

Module 14: Limits goes to infinity Page 268  e-Learning

Module 15: Arc Length Page 789 e-Learning


Other TI-89 Books



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