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Algebra 1

Algebra is the first serious step into the world of Mathematics, and this initial experience will have a lasting impact on student's future. Although this is a one-way recorded lectures, Dr. James Choi constantly asks "why?" to the students, provoking them and intriguing them with his insight into this topic. Our lecturers utilizes colorful images, graphs, charts, and animations that no teacher can produce standing in front of a chalkboard.

Lecturers: James Choi, Ph.D. (Chapters 2-10) and Alex Lee (Chapters 1 and 11 only)

Lecture Samples:

Entire Chapter 7 is open for viewing: Chapter 7: Rational Expressions

Exercises and Homework:

An exercise workbook with an answer key will be sent to the billing address used for purchase after its approval.

Pricing and Purchase:

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After the purchase, you can also download the entire course to play it locally or you can view the lectures from this web page by chapter by clicking the links below.

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