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LaTeX for Geometry Proof

Step 0:  Study LaTeX Algebra first here.
Step 1:  Open LaTeX Equation Editor window (click here)


Lesson 1: How to set up the table structure.

Copy and paste the code on the left box to LaTex Equation Editor.  Then you will an output that you see on the right box. 
Explanation: Setting Up Geometry Proof Table (00:06:43)


\begin{tabular}{ l| l }
Statement & Reasoning \\
statement 1 & reasoning 1 \\
statement 2 & reasoning 2 \\



Lesson 2: How to create Geometry Symbols


The code on the left side box created the symbols on the right side box. 
Explanation: Geometry Symbols  (00:05:45)

Missing Symbol Report Form


$\angle$ angle \\
$\measuredangle$ measurement of angle \\
$\bigodot$ circle \\
$\cong$ congruent \\
$\triangle$ triangle \\
$\sim similar \\
$\stackrel\frown{AB}$ $ arc AB \\
$\overleftrightarrow{AB}$ line AB \\
$\overline{AB}$ Line Segment AB\\
$63^{\circ}$ 63 degrees \\
$A \parallel B$ A is parallel to B \\
$\perp$ Perpendicular \\
$\leftarrow$ Left Arrow \\
$\rightarrow$ Right Arrow \\
$\leftrightarrow$ Left Right Arrow \\
$\Leftarrow$ Left Double Arrow \\
$\Rightarrow$ Right Double Arrow\\
$\Leftrightarrow$ Left Right Double Arrow\\
$\propto$ Proportional \\
$\equiv$ Identity \\


Lesson 3: Proof Example


Here is an example of a short proof writing in LaTeX.  Make sure to understand what every letter is doing in LaTeX. 


$My first proof\\
\begin{tabular}{ l| l }
Statement & Reasoning \\
$1 \bigodot$ O & 1 Given \\
$2 \angle$ L $\cong \angle$ S & 2 If two inscribed $\angle $s intercetp the same arc, they are $\cong$ \\
3 $\angle$L $\cong$ $\angle$N & 3 Same as 2\\
4 $\triangle$LVE $\sim$ $\triangle$NSE & 4 AA (2, 3)\\
5 $\frac{EV}{SE}$ = $\frac{EN}{EL}$ & 5 Ratios of corresponding sides of $\sim \triangle$s are =\\




Lesson 4: How to write a geometry solution


The way to write a geometric solution is the same as writing an Algebraic solution, except you will use geometry symbols.  Please study e-Learning under LaTeX Algebra section.




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