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Algebra 2

With the aid of a variety of technological resources, Algebra 2 is no longer a comatose class that requires memorization of discriminants, matrices, and conics, but a completely illustrated course designed to help promote the natural understanding of mathematics and its principles.Dr. James Choi utilizes his extensive knowledge in the field of mathematics to create an engaging learning experience complete with colorful images, graphs, charts, animations, and annotations, as well as the great capacity of the most powerful mathematics software in the world, Mathematica®.

Lecturer:  James Choi, Ph.D.

Lecture Samples:
Entire Chapter 5 is open for free viewing.  Chapter 5: Conic Sections
Course Format:
The entire Chapter 5 is iSabio’s Algebra 2 course comes with about 30 hours of lecture time, complete with engaging visuals, clear explanations, and a wealth of practice problems that are carefully explained and systematically solved.

Pricing and Purchase:

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You need this textbook to take this course. (not included)

You will need this book Algebra 2 Textbook shown on the right. (not included)

  • To cross-reference the iSabio Algebra 2 e-Learning course and the contents of College Algebra, please see the following two pages:
    iSabio e-Learning to College Algebra Map
    Collge Algebra to iSabio e-Learning 2 Map
  • At the end of each e-learning module (e.g.,1.1.1 What Is a Relation?), references are given to the corresponding material in College Algebra.
  • At the end of each e-learning section (e.g., 1.1 Relations and Functions), homework exercises are assigned from College Algebra.
  • Answers and partial solutions to odd numbered exercises are given in the back of the book.
You can view the entire e-Learning online, but you will end up wasting too much time waiting for the video to load (buffering).  After activation, we recommend you download the entire course first so that the lectures will not only appear instantly, but also allow you to jump around inside the lecture at any time.


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